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Plant Your Winter Garden now!

The snails and slugs love the winter moisture so be on the lookout for them especially just after you plant or transplant, but your chard and beet leaves will not be bothered by leafminers. Plant an extra row or two! The Berkeley Crop Swaps are moving from every Monday evening to once a month on Saturdays mornings. Bring your excess mustard greens or beet tops to exchange for another gardener's snow peas and collard greens or, maybe even mandarin oranges or Buddah's Hand lemons. Our summer and Fall Crop Swaps brought surprising and diverse types of fruits and vegetables that are being grown int backyards and community gardens all over Berkeley and we are all curious to see what the winter swaps will bring. We will be swapping more than vegetables this winter and spring, so keep an eye on the calendar on this site for more information. The first one will be on November 5th from 10 to 11 and every first Saturday after that through Spring.