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Some Good Bee Plants Are Really Bad! - Article by Alisa Rose Seidlitz

Neonicotinoids in the nursery industry have been making news lately. A possible link between the use of this insecticide and honey bee die-offs has led to some controversy. We asked Bay-Friendly Qualified Professional Alisa Rose Seidlitz to share some background on this issue of neonicotinoids and nursery plants. Read her entire article on the Bay Friendly Blog to learn what Alisa Rose found in her research.

The article is chock full of valuable information on how Neonicotinoids work, the current studies linking these pesticides to bee population declines and steps we can take to bring back the bees. Alisa Rose has also included a list of bee-attracting plants, resources for obtaining these plants, and links to products containing neonicotinoids.

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