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Colony Collapse Disorder and Honeybee Death Linked with Pesticide Use

Several articles were published last week supporting a Harvard research study linking the pesticide Imidacloprid, manufactured by Bayer, to Colony Collapse Disorder in the honeybee population. The cause for colony collapse has been eluding scientists for many years. However, two studies that came out in Science showed a close link between neonicotinoid pesticides, of which imidacloprid is one, and another is, clothianidin, also manufactured by Bayer. (See article about Bayer's role in killing bees in the Articles section of this website)

Bayer earlier released a statement to say that the chemical has no effect on colony collapse. However, the Harvard research conclusively shows that the opposite is true.

Scientists in the past have been cautious about the connection between pesticides and honey bee collapse. However, lead author of the Harvard report, Chensheng (Alex) Lu has dismissed all caution and has made it clear that:

"There is no question that neonicotinoids put a huge stress on the survival of honey bees in the environment. The evidence is clear that imidacloprid is likely the culprit for Colony Collapse Disorder via a very unique mechanism that has not been reported until our study."

For more information on the study here are some articles to read and become more educated on pressuring Bayer to discontinue manufacture of neonicotinoids.

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